Underground Series

Grincore has built our foundation on our love and passion for music. This passion has nurtured relationships with some of the greatest metal bands in the business. Our partnerships have allowed us to share in the unique world of merchandising and band marketing. This foundation has proven to be a great asset for bands both in the web world and the face to face sale of merchandise at shows. And for that...we are eternally grateful to the not only the bands, but the fans who have elected to support what Grindcore stands for. 

Our Artist Series will continue to grow and expand...however, we wanted to add something additional to the mix. We have opted to take this a bit further with the addition of the Underground Series. This new process will allow bands who are looking to blend their love of coffee, merchandise and marketing and create a unique product to push their brand forward. 

This program has low minimum requirements and is a fantastic addition to any merch lineup. If this program sounds appealing to your band, record label, event, festival or business...give us a shout.