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It was only a matter of time before this happened...
Grindcore Coffee Co. is owned and operated by lifelong musicians who have spent decades in the trenches of Extreme Metal. Our passion for all things extreme, fast and brutal led us to the creation of the most brutal coffee company on the planet. Our desire to products the absolute best coffee possible, along with our passion for music has led us to this...Artist Series.

The thread that binds us all...
Our Artist Series collaboration coffees are a labor of love. We partner with some of the absolute best in extreme music to deliver a 'taste' of what each band wants to achieve in a coffee. We work directly with each band to develop a roast that THEY desire. This is the beauty of the Artist Series, it isn't simply co-branding and slapping their name on a bag of coffee but rather producing a coffee THEY feel is a great representation of their love of metal AND coffee. 

The future is dark and full of terrors...
The Artist Series is just beginning and is already opening eyes throughout the metal community. Grindcore has a full slate of releases that we are preparing for in 2019. We vow to deliver some incredible coffee collaborations with some incredible bands from all splinters of Extreme Metal. We look forward to kicking your asses.
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  • Slave To The Grind - French Roast Dark │12oz/340g
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